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Why Mech exo-suits?

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Speculation' started by JUNEBUG, Jun 30, 2017.


    JUNEBUG Member

    I love Anthem and the idea of it, but this one nit pick that I have is the suits themselves.
    Obviously I don't know all the classes and or haven't played the game, but I think it's too...simple?

    I literally have no idea what should be replaced by mech suits, but I liked what Destiny did. There is armor and cloth/leather.

    I'm not saying, "go, go and be like Destiny" I'm saying be unique.

    It just rubs me the wrong way and can easily be frowned upon and compared to Titan fall or something.
  2. Matthew


    Well I wouldn't compare the exo suits to Titanfall at all. In Titanfall the pilots controlled giant robots, whereas in Anthem we will be wearing a human-size exo suit. I hope they come up with a reasonable explanation for the exo suits.

    JUNEBUG Member

    Warframe, Titan Fall, not a 100% comparable but people get the obvious ideas of the situation. Organic suits maybe?

    I mean there's all this lush and forest and water.

    Just pitching quick ones:

    • Water
    • Ice
    • Ash/nao's
    • Swamp thing like
    • Rock
    • [Insert more]

    Nothing too crazy, but just variety. Having things like that will make me and many others come back like, "omg, I could be A "ROCK" AND IT HAS ALL THESE DIFFERENT THINGY'S!?"
  4. Matthew


    That would be pretty cool, but I don't think they will go down that path. Happy to be wrong though :happy: Speaking of the elements you mentioned, we are pretty sure their will be elemental abilities, considering this image.


    JUNEBUG Member

    Yeah I agree sadly. Yes, I know elements are there but it's the suits being metal only lol. I hope it's something like Vibranium because I heard it was suppose to be "MARVEL like" too.
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