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What if I Told You


What if I Told You


In the year 2148, explorers on Mars discovered the remains of an ancient spacefaring civilisation. In the decades that followed, these mysterious artifacts revealed startling new technologies, enabling travel to the furthest stars. The basis for this incredible technology was a force that controlled the very fabric of space and time.

They called it the greatest discovery in human history.

The civilisations of the galaxy call it... Mass Effect

In the year 2183, 35 years after, Commander Shepard onboard the SSV Normandy uncovered the imminent threat of the Reapers, an advanced part-organic, part-machine race which culls the Milky Way of intelligent life every 50,000 years. Shepard led the human race and, eventually, the rest of the allied races of the galaxy in a lengthy and escalating war against The Reapers.

The income of the war was uncertain, and the humanity have two backup plan if something like the Reaper invasion ever happened, the first one was the Andromeda Initiative . It's a fair bet someone was heeding Shepard's warnings and working on a set of very expensive lifeboats.

They second one was called....... Anthem Initiative

But something went wrong and the Anthem Ark crashed in an unknown planet in an unknown galaxy.....

"This is just a game, the objective is to write anything that could be related partially/completely to the game. It doesn't need to be true at all, but at least, try to make it believable and have fun with it"
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Kelper 127b is a terrestrial planet within the habitable zone of a distant solar system. The discovery of Kelper 127b, like most things in life was by accident. The result of a cascading set of events known as the New Frontier Initiative. The first of this Initiative was the establishment of a unmanned research habitat on Mars, quickly became manned. Shorty afterwards the space probe Cassini VI arrived at Pluto as a orbital survey platform. By accident the Cassini VI picked up an anomaly within Kuiper Belt, dubbed the Cassini Wormhole.

As a survey platform the Cassini VI was redirected into the wormhole. Cassini VI relayed data to a sister deep space survey platform orbiting Neptune. In a series of one astonishing event after another Cassini VI sent images and data of what looked like Earth’s twin, designated Kelper 127b. The research habitat on Mars quickly became the interplanetary research and launch center. The Coney relay stations, named after professor Coney, were for all of the deep space probes fueling, data uplinks and systems analysis, were upgraded for manned spacecraft.

All indicators from survey probes supported the original findings of a breathable atmosphere, water, minerals, plant and animal life that would sustain human colonization. The globalization of the space and colonization program of Kelper 127b became a chorus of human undertaking unlike anything in history. Before the first manned spacecraft launched from the Mars Launch Center, Keiper 127b was named Anthem. The next step in humanity's new frontier, our colonization of space had begun.

That's before we found out we weren't the first on Anthem. What's the old saying “when something looks too good to be true, it's not”. Anthem wasn't our first step in colonization, but in survival.


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