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Were You Listening?

Casey Hudson said about Anthem at E3, “Anthem is not a MMO not a multiplayer game with a story sort of bolted on the side, something new and different, and I think the team has really captured that vision over the years.” Let me state it a little differently, Anthem is not a FPS pretending to be a RPG with a campaign masquerading as a story. Everyone seems to think that Anthem is copying some FPS game out there, when in reality its the other way around. Casey Hudson’s point about capturing the vision over the years is a understatement. BioWare has been perfecting Anthem at the beginning of co-op play in Mass Effect. Anthem just didn't fall on the gaming screen like someone showing up to the party late. BioWare has been developing “Dylan” for years while watching FPS developers state that they're making a FPS RPG. No, they are making a multiplayer game with a story bolted on to the side. If this was a clone of some FPS game(s) on the market, why would it be so hard for everyone to understand what Anthem is. Because it isn't! It not Destiny 3, The Division 4 or Pokemon, drop all the other noise out there and think of a BioWare game. You'll go “Oh, I see what their doing.”

Mark Darrah said at E3 “A great story for BioWare is really about characters that you can have a connection with, choices you get to make and the feeling like the story's about you.” They have been designing immersive and complex worlds coupled with some of the best storytelling in the gaming industry for years. Stories and the interaction with memorable characters who advance the narrative, that make you feel the story is really about you and your relationships is the core of any BioWare game. This game is not some grand departure from a BioWare title, they have combined the co-op feature in previous titles with the single player story. Can you play this game solo, yes.


Cathleen Rootsaert stated at E3, “One of the first things that we hear from our community is they want to continue to play in our worlds.” that statement is absolutely true, we all wait patiently for the next installment of one of their titles. BioWare’s worlds are incredibly intricate, lore driven and filled with unique creatures that have left their mark on the gaming screen. BioWare has populated their worlds with a variety of creatures large and small, hostile or friendly that inhabit this living world. Other games may have a beautiful landscape but it is devoid of life.

Anthem fits within the BioWare DNA of a fantastic world with wondrous storylines as stated by Cathleen Rootsaert “Anthem is a world left unfinished by the gods, but the gods left behind their massive tools are in conflict with unknowable force called the Anthem of Creation.” If that doesn't entice you to jump into Anthem with both feet, or fly into this world with a rocket strapped to your back. Then you weren't around for the Reapers and where that took us. That premise leaves the door wide open for a untold amount of present and future content. Consider the possibilities of what an RPG studio can come up with based within that scenario.

Anthem has all the signatures of a BioWare game, a compelling story, interesting characters, co-op gameplay built in a living and consistent world that will evolve over time. A world we will all experience at the same time no matter where we live. The weather, storms, seasons, or events that will change the landscape will happen in real time for all of us. Something else BioWare did was draw a line in the sand with EA on loot boxes and the other monetization schemes, granted there are cosmetic items you can buy but you can get them in-game also. Consistent with their tie to the community they opened a dialogue of Q&A and have decided to make improvements or tweeks via input. There may be things within the game that's not to everyone's liking, you can say that about any game. Compared to outright lies or hidden schemes by other developers. This transparency is something we should encourage in BioWare and not be so jaded by the lack of transparency by other developers or EA. We only win if BioWare has figured out the riddle of a shared world, I believe they have based on their track record. We should be looking forward to the coming months to see how Anthem evolves, right up to 2/22/2019.
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