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What do you want to see in Anthem, as weapon types!

ShotGun, Assault weapon variants
Melee weapons
Using the environment

What kind of guns, melee weapons, do you want in Anthem!?
mmm nice, NOW we are talking. I guess that the you would be able to use the usual things:
Assault weapons like rifles, scout rifles, hand cannons, at least a melee weapons, etc.

From the trailer you could see that all the Javelins could be customised, specially with an AoE weapon, like a a Heavy Rocket Launcher or a Multiple Launch Rocket System. Personally I would love to see something more sci-fi oriented, like Lasers weapons or a Railgun.
also....... (and I think I said this before but)....

I want a Lightsaber......

c'mon gundam like robots have a lightsaber, and we are like tiny gundams, so....

You just need to put a Scout Javelin with a lightsaber inside a trailer to unleash the HYPE!


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