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Weapons: Possibly swords?

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Speculation' started by JUNEBUG, Jun 30, 2017.


    JUNEBUG Member

    Now...I'm a HUGE Star Wars fan, and the most iconic thing about Star Wars is obviously the sabers.

    There's no question about that.

    That being said. There is also confirmation that Anthem will be a Stars Wars like game.
    Sure, you can make a world with beasts, hut like hang outs, etc etc but there is no star wars without "swords"


    I love blow up explosion guns, but I feel that and the exo mech suits are very common things that can easily overshadow this game from unique to just Titanfall + [insert] and that's no slander. I just want this game to flourish and be it's own.

    Yes, swords would make it like Warframe. You could say that too, but I didn't say how they should utilize the weapons ;)
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    • Matthew


      Agree with you there. Having swords would bring something fresh to the table, and will create some unique gameplay experiences. Especially in PvP: swords + guns make for some very interesting combat.
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      • Rykroft

        Rykroft Active Member

        When they say "it will be like starwars" they mean it will be a epic space opera, a Sci-Fi story with Fantasy elements.
        Not necesary sword, don't get me wrong, I love lightsabers, but I think they tried to explain the genre.
      • JUNEBUG

        JUNEBUG Member

        Star wars is swords now. But I get what you mean. Still, having just guns I think wouldn't make total sense.
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        • Rykroft

          Rykroft Active Member

          Again, I love lightsabers, I would love to have something like that (like a human size gundam, with a lightsaber)


          I'D LOVE TO...
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