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Underwater Combat?

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Speculation' started by Matthew, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. Matthew


    Players moving underwater can be seen during the Gameplay videos, which I think is pretty cool.


    I love the idea of being able able to explore everything possible in the game, including underwater. Do you think there will be underwater combat? I wonder how it'll work. Possibly the movements are slowed, and there will be longer reaction times.
  2. Carlo


    I agree with you about underwater combat, but more important is the exploration of that environment. The fact that this environment was shown is stating that this is a playable area. Showing that nothing is off limits within this world. Nice.
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    • Matthew


      I agree, it's important that everywhere possible is able to be explored. It definitely sets it apart from other games.
    • PiperVsPiper

      PiperVsPiper New Member

      Underwater combat would be great. But just having more explorable area is satisfying, especially if it's dynamically different. Altered movement, maybe timed tasks/quests due to air supply. Like specific crafting materials only found underwater?
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      • Matthew


        I can definitely see scenarios like this. I just really hope that Bioware takes the underwater environment to its full potential. It would really set itself apart from other games.
      • Carlo


        Very good point PipervsPiper. I agree Matthew that, let's hope, that BioWare does take underwater combat/exploration to is full potential....that thought has my vote.
      • Rykroft


        Couldn't be more agree...
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