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The Striker

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Speculation' started by Carlo, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Carlo


    If the Javelin to the far right in this image is indeed called a Striker it is certainly different from the other three. Based on the helmet in the second screenshot, Sandra is the Striker. Then the third image the Striker is to the far left with the cape.. We get a view of the back of the Striker, without a jetpack, in the first image and the front in the third. The Striker may be the least armored of all the exo suits. BioWear has a diffident roll for this suit, it will be fun to find out what is is and even more fun to use it.



  2. Carlo


    image.jpeg Wanted to add this screen shot from the E3 trailer. I believe this is a Striker also. If so it is lightly armored. What does BioWare have in mind with suit?
  3. Matthew


    I think the Striker is the DPS of the group. It's just the way it looks, kind of like a wizard / warlock.


    This is the Striker, from the photo above in the far left. The Striker probably has different configurations. Fire, electricity, or ice/water damage?
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    • Carlo


      Totally agree. All the exo suits seem to have some element associated with them. The symbol and the percentage sign next to it, but the Striker seems to be more infused with some elemental charge. Can we switch out elements on a suit and your image seems to suggest different capes/sizes. As you suggest a magic or elemental user, which makes the your imagination go wild. This suit has captured my imagination...