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The Social structure of Fort Tarsus


What I want to focus on is a couple of points of interest and how the society of Fort Tarsus may function. Based on the little information given to us via the gameplay demo. Some of these points may in fact bear direct relationship to our involvement in Anthem, our gameplay.

Coat of Arms: It appears that Fort Tarsus has a flag or a coat of arms. A white “V” shape on a field of blue. According to custom and tradition, white signifies purity and innocence; and blue signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice. The shape has a feathered look as if this is a stylized bird rather than a V.
If Fort Tarsus has a flag then there could be other flags out there or factions.


Fort Tarsus security or police: In the beginning of the demo we see a women talking to an individual in a Exosuit. She is wearing what appears to be a uniform and the Exosuit has the Ft. Tarsus coat of arms on the arm. We see a number of similar Exosuit security on the ramp outside Ft. Tarsus. So there is a government.


The Three Arches of Fort Tarsus: You see the three arches at the beginning of the demo, both inside and outside Ft. Tarsus. They can represent the Trinity but they can also represent a portal from the past to the future. A gateway. Along the face of the central arch, there seems to be symbols or script. Could this be and ancient language or key to some sort of gateway. I find it interesting that they are made of stone and have motifs on them, incorporated into modern architecture. There would seem to be some backstory to these arches. It would seem that there is a well established and realized society and history within Anthem. That I find encouraging.

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