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The "gather and collect" thread


I decided to summarise all the information posted by official sources like Bioware Dev twitter accounts and other social media software. It would be great if we keep everything in place an avoid the scatter of information. So lets begin.

Mark Darrah Twitter Account:

You start with the Ranger.
The others are earned in the story
There are chests. No keys
Loot in strongholds have higher rarity. I don’t believe we currently have loot locked to strongholds
You can replay missions you have already completed with other people
Level is attached to your Freelancer.
So if you switch to a new suit, the gear dropped will be level appropriate right away
Your jets will overheat. You need to land or find another way to cool them
So if i fancy flying a suit I haven't used in a while it'll get new up to level gear with a little bit of extra for the other three.

That’s right, you’ll be getting level appropriate gear for it right away
Loot is spawned for everyone and instanced.
No kill stealing
No loot theft
Free play is relatively undirected.
Missions will move through the open world with more specific goals.
One thing about the demo we ran at EAPlay:
We had expert players who ran that thing for months
Strongholds will be HARD.
Can you have multiple of each javelin to switch from like multiple colossus or more than one interceptor, or will we have one of each but be able to edit them each with loadouts for example?

One of each. You can reconfigure them at will in a hub
No trading. At least for now
We needed to ensure we could control balance.
So I can enjoy a 100% PVE experience in Anthem?

As opposed to PvP? Yes
You can play story missions by yourself.
You will still be on a dedicated server
Can u only create a human Character, or are u able tp Creat for Example a Roboter like Cayde-6 in Destiny 2?

You are human
You level up your Freelancer and have skills associated with that
You also collect and craft gear for you Javelin that determines your abilities. There is a lot to the loot system, we’ll expand on this later
If I join a friends instance will I get credit for finishing a mission or do I need to be in my own instance?

If you are at the same place in the story, you will get full credit.
If you do a mission you have already done to help out a friend, we will have special rewards for mentoring
Can you elaborate please on Free Play mode. You mentioned it's MP. Do you have to group up with people before going into Free Play or can you go in solo and be put into a server with others while not grouped?

You can just drop into a server.
While free play will give you opportunities to do stuff together, it’s a more solitary experience.
This is where you will do a lot of the gathering, exploration, and lore hunting
How is multiplayer being hosted - servers or players?
Dedicated servers for everything outside of the single player hubs
So if you're playing with friends, they will just disappear for a moment and appear again after cutscene? and assuming there will be dialogs during coop play, everyone is waiting till you finish your dialog, like in the old republic?

On coop there are no choices in cutscenes so if a cutscene fires, everyone sees it and it lasts the same length of time for everyone.
So no waiting
So are you saying there won’t be any paid DLC’s in the game at all?

I am not saying that.
For example, we might decide to add another Javelin in the future.
Maybe that would be paid.
Or maybe not.
Absolutes are hard
Is there a limit to how much your "bank account" can hold?
No... why would there be?
I know you might not be ready to discuss it yet but as your #EAPlay was pretty open, will there be any season passes or paid expansions in Anthem or will everything except cosmetics be inckuded, I hate separate player bases in online games!

We do not want to bifurcate the players by locking story behind a paid expansion
Besides of paid cosmetics to make your javelin look gorgeus, what else wont be free?

You can earn cosmetics through gameplay as well
I’m guessing the only cosmetics you can’t earn is the legion of down cosmetics? Otherwise what’s the point of the edition right?

You cannot earn the Legion of Dawn items
Will the content be free or paid expansions?

Story content, new game spaces, that kind of stuff will be for everyone
No season pass.
We will have content after launch
All content will have matchmaking
We will have purchase-able vanity but you will see what you get before you buy
No loot boxes
No pay for power
You can also earn your vanity items
There will be relationships, but not romantic ones.
The relationships we are focusing on are ones around companionship and camaraderie of heroes.
We have focused on bringing as much life to all of the characters of Fort Tarsis as possible
You will be able to customise the look of your Freelancer (pilot.)
Your "class" is determined by the Javelin (suit) you are currently in and you can change this between missions.
On a mission, you'll focus on the action as opposed to conversational branching
That said, your actions and the missions you do MAY affect things
The conversations and interactions you have with people in your HUB will DEFINITELY affect their lives
You will have Javelin customisation & personalization
This means you will use gear collected in the world (and crafted) to change the way that your Javelin plays
Also collect and unlock cosmetic items to change the way you look (armor packs & paint jobs)
Right now, there is no PvP mode but we haven't completely ruled it out. It won't be in the game at launch.
No PvP allows us to go bigger with our gear variety and progression
There is crafting
There are top tier gear and weapons that have special properties
Gear is designed to be a long chase giving you a lot of goals
Progression drives this kind of game and we will have a lot more later but here is a bit
Your Freelancer has a level and perks that affect ALL the Javelins you use
There are loot drops in the world with different rarities that give you gear and weapons
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Will we see other players in the world besides those who are in our party?

On a mission, no
In free play there are 4 people on the server who may or may not be in a group
Do The Dominion have their own Javelins?

So each Javelin does have a "super"?

Mission play is squad or solo right.
No one can muscle into your play to grief you?

You will have control over how open matchmaking is.
That said, we want to limit rando’s ability to grief as well
What about clans or guilds?

We will be discussing social systems later
I’m the type of player that actually enjoys grinding for gear. Will Anthem’s dungeons and raids contain certain drops, or will drops always be random no matter where you are? For example, Destiny’s engram system (best example I could use, my apologies)

We have different loot tables for different things.
Do Javelins have individual progression (outside pilot progression)?

Javelin progression is driven through its weapons and gear
Can you help take down a world boss or do a world event with random people you encounter that way?

Is the FPS unlocked on PC?

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Hello, Is it only on console?

I think if you use a controller on PC as well
Hello, Does anthem have aim assist?

Does your javelins degrade while playing mission. As in you have to repair them back at base?

You take damage. It doesn’t make the Javelin perform worse
So, in the E3 show we saw the ranger using one of its abilities which was a frost granade, my question is, can we equip things on the javelin that would change that ability and instead give as a different one?

So are specific weapon types locked to a specific Javelin or can you use any weapon you can find?

Gear is Javelin specific. Weapons overlap with restrictions (a Colossus can’t use pistols for example
Are the preorder armors actual armor or are they skins we can wear as a cosmetic? Will there be skins that go over armor like this?

The armours are skins
Thanks but what about the supers? can you upgrade them or get new ones?

Not currently. We could add more later
Will the armor/weapons that come with the more expensive preorder level to end game or are they only good for some of the game?

They are not useful forever
Will there be ways to augment the ultimates, or mounted weapons? with mods, or other means to make them act differently or possibly fit other roles?

You can change your gear to dramatically change your play style
Can you upgrade all of your weapons? Like yours guns and supers?

You get better weapons
Will you be able to fast travel out of Fort Tarsis to other locations in within the world of Anthem?

How much variety will there be in buildouts?

Can you switch javalins during a mission?

No. Only at a base
Will inventory space in Anthem be an issue? I haven’t seen this asked about or addressed

You will have a limited inventory but not burdensomely so
Can we choose or unlock different elements (ex: lightning, fire, etc)

The Storm is more elemental but also some of the high rarity gear unlocks will have elemental effects
add on to this, any way to lock the team once an activity is nearly complete to prevent people from kicking the random that helped the whole way and inviting their friend just for the end?

We’ll definitely need to prevent that
hey! Quick question about the PC version. Will the framerate be uncapped? I’ve got a rig that’s hungry to play at 144hz

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Do we only get personalization loot for the javelin we have equiped?

Not exclusively, no. I think it will bias that way
Are these cosmetic swaps or stat boosting armor?

Those would be cosmetic. Stats come from gear
My assumption is more like shaders in D2 where you can apply on parts / sections of the Javalins e.g. This paint on the arms but another pain on the chest. Is that right?

Are we able to change the color of our Javelin at will or is there a shader system like Destiny? If you can't answer I understand.

You can change the colour, paint job, and some of the physical parts in Fort Tarsis.
The ability to do so doesn’t wear out
Some cosmetics will be earned / purchased but they aren’t single use
Will each javelin have different skill trees?

Javelin abilities are determined primarily by gear.
The Freelancer will get perks by leveling that affect all Javelins
Is this a Dominion Javelin in this concept art?

Describe the storm javelin in 3 words!!!

1. The
2. Storm
3. Javelin
Whew! I did it!
Be honest, Mark, how much caffeine are you on right now?

It's been mentioned that the colossus moves but at a slower pace. It may be ok to assume that all the suits have their own speed. It's been hinted that the interceptor is very quick, even in the footage you see how fast it is.

Overland (out of combat) they are the same so the group can stay together.
The colossus is the least nimble
Does loot level depend on your level or enemy's level?

Your level determines level of drop. Situation influences rarity
It was said your character can be cybernetically enhanced. Is this just for combat? Or will we see extra feats happen in story if you are enhanced vs not?

No cybernetics in Anthem as far as I know. Or at least not the way you are thinking
If you're in a mission and you get downed and your revive timer ( if we do have a revive timer ) goes out will we respawn or die for the whole mission?

I believe you can wait for a team revive indefinitely.
But you can also respawn at the last resupply point you hit
Is there an "AUTO PILOT" feature, for long distance travel, or is there another means of travel to get to a far off distance? Some games offer a teleport or autorun feature to help travel long distance.

You can unlock quick travel points

Dedicated Servers
So I'm guessing I need PS+ to play this game. Haven't paid for that service for like over a year.

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And this is my "yet not answered" question, I will post it here as "pending" until someone give more detail about it.

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So I've read articles and seen a lot of videos about this game's exploration side. Incredible job! I love it! Im curious though, will there be secret items to find and give even more thrill to exploration? Like truly hidden collectibles or anything like that?

There will be stuff hidden in the open world in free play
Will there be a chance of Javelins getting new “supers” post launch? Giving them choice on what super each suit brings would definitely add to the depth of strategy and end game.

It is certainly possible
Are we told which javelin we are unlocking prior to mission start so we won’t waste our time getting ones we don’t want ?

It will be clear
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Ben Scott on reddit

-The end game is important! Like really important!

-The end game gets more important the day after launch.

-Replayability is a core goal of the content.

-The community is going to help us improve, shape, and drive the long-term direction of the end game content. You have NO choice! 🙂 We will involve you and we will listen to you!

-The end game should be accessible to as much of the community as possible. BUT it shouldn’t be watered down in the name of accessibility!

-Content can be difficult, exciting, rewarding, and still be accessible.

-It should NOT foster toxicity or elitism.

-It SHOULD reward achievement, skill, and mastery.

-Easy to understand, difficult to master.

-Puzzles, secrets, and discovery is cool!

-Real talk – We will make mistakes! But with the help of the community, we will also make it great!

-We have a lot to prove and show you as we get closer to launch. We look forward to showing everyone our plans, then listening to your feedback and your ideas!



Noooo... buuutttttt you didn't say anything about the requirement of Origin Premium regardless endgame.. :mad:
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Time to update this post a little with some fresh info:

... dam... I don't want PvP in this game....

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