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Story details revealed and major inspirations

Discussion in 'News & Rumors' started by Matthew, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Matthew



    Quote from Aaryn Flynn
    The article says that its "Anthem is a shared world experience where players go online to play with one another."

    I'm excited that this will be shared world experience. And they've reassured us that the story will be a major focus of the game. I'm betting high on Anthem!

    JUNEBUG Member

    Those quotes bother me heavily. Without worrying how and why they are happening...isn't that the entire essences of the word lore?
    I don't want to see a blue being flying and rekting me and my team with shaper storms left and right and then I iron man tackle him out the air and tell my teammates to blow us both up for the loot and have us not knowing what he is/was.

    For some cases, yes, I would like that because not leaving us knowing is also what made Destiny's lore AMAZING! They created an entire universe like Star Wars, only in the form of text/books not in game. Using your imagination can be as great as in-game stuff. I get that. I say go 50/50 on those type of things. Ten years, of course we need something to hang us over.
  3. Matthew


    BioWare has a pretty good track record of creating extensive, engaging and detailed lore, so I think you're covered. :)
  4. Carlo


    This team in Edmonton created Mass Effect, storyline, lore, character back story, NPC character and back story with lore and on and on. Four years of development, one can only hope that this game and team break the long list of disappointing games...