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Storm - Grandmaster 3 - Scorching Ice


New Member
Javelin - Storm
Designed Difficulty - Grandmaster 3
Build Name - Scorching Ice

Hi my name is Burninalways and this will be my first guide for Anthem, and there maybe more to come.

So some basics for playing as the Storm Javelin.
  • Weapons are only to be used to boost damage of your abilities and used as fillers until your abilities come off cooldown.
  • Abilities will deal the most damage, like rip the shield off Legendary enemies in one hit.
  • You can Hover indefinitely with the right Components.
  • Melee is a Fire attack that Detonates any Primed enemies.
  • Support Seal - Wind Wall is best used on Grandmaster 1 and below, any higher difficulty and it will be one shotted.
  • Support Seal - Quickening Field is best used on Grandmaster 2 & 3, leave the area of effect immediately and re-enter when the buff is about to expire to regain the buff for another 10s.
From Grandmaster 2 you will notice that enemies require more than 1 Combo trigger to be killed.
This Storm build is all about generating Combos at a rapid pace on a single enemy.

Primary Weapons:
Ralner’s Blaze - Primer
Elemental Rage

Secondary Weapons:
Soothing Touch
Death From Above

Focus Seal:
Black Ice - Primer & Detonator

Blast Seal:
Binary Star - Primer

Token of Daring
Token of the Master
Token of the Pupil
Mark of Wrath
Gunslinger's Mark
Emergency Power

Ok how this build works:

There's two ways of dealing damage on a un-shielded enemy.
  1. Use Ralner’s Blaze to set on Fire one enemy then use Black Ice to do a Combo.
  2. Use Black Ice to Freeze alone enemy or a group of enemies, as Black Ice is both a Primer and Detonator you can use it twice in a row to trigger a Combo.
However depending on the distance the group of enemies is from one another, Black Ice might only deal one Combo to one enemy.
Using Black Ice first is better as you can instantly Freeze groups of enemies, preventing you from taking damage.

When dealing with a Shielded enemy I would suggest that you use Ralner’s Blaze or Elemental Rage to break the shield first before using Black Ice.
Though Black Ice can also be used to rip an enemy's shield off, at Grandmaster 2 on Elite enemies it requires about two hits to do this.

Also depended on the enemy's Rank is the rotation you could be doing, type is also a factor.
For Normals (rankless) just use your Primary or Secondary Weapons until the enemy is dead.
For Elite and Legendary use Ralner’s Blaze then Black Ice > Black Ice > Ralner’s Blaze > Black Ice > Black Ice

For a Group of enemies close or apart use Binary Star to set them all on Fire then use Black Ice to trigger a Combo.
Binary Star should also be used on Elite and Legendary enemies that are on their own.

If you don't have Ralner’s Blaze use Binary Star instead, to remove the Freeze status from the enemy, while using Elemental Rage as a filler until Binary Star comes off cooldown.

Secondary Weapons suggestion are for enemies like the Monitor that you can't really Combo, using your abilities are still important to build Ultimate Charge; for example with Soothing Touch you can get a +26k hit from the waist Weak Point on the Monitor. Also some enemies shields will resist a type of Elemental damage so it's good to bring some Physical damage with you.


New Member
so sounds like you like Ralner's better than elemental rage for your primary weapon - why?

Im a bit confused as you say "For Elite and Legendary use Ralner’s Blaze then Black Ice > Black Ice > Ralner’s Blaze > Black Ice > Black Ice " and then right after say "Binary Star should also be used on Elite and Legendary enemies that are on their own. " do both those things just mean you are using your weapon to fill in when binary is on cooldown?

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