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Storm build Combo confusion


New Member
I have been finding in GM2 SHs I am barely moving enemy bars when I attack, so I went out in freeeplay to test some stuff.

(storm with MW chaotic rime and ponder infinity and MW components)

If I used no sigils I did 26k damage with my ponder and it was the same if I did a combo or not. If I used a combo sigil, same exact damage. If I used a lightening sigil I did 27k damage (again combo or not, same damage).

Why would combos be so important then? I know Id spread the primer elemental effect to nearby targets, but I was under the impression combos are supposed to add alot to the damage. Was I just wrong? and what the heck does a combo sigil do, if it dosent increase combo damage?

I also tested this out using Winters wrath and ten thousands suns.

With this set-up I found a similar thing. No sigils Im doing 17-20k with ten thousand suns. but with combo sigil in doing only 12-17k (how is that possible?) and with a fire sigil I'm doing 15 -21k

Also, IDK why but WW/10 does less raw damage than the CR/PI build, but it 'feels' like I am more effective.

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