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Skepticism about BioWare

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Speculation' started by Matthew, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. Matthew


    There are lot of people that are skeptical about BioWare branching out and doing something different. They think they should just stick to what they do best. Well I say screw that. Without the ambition do something different, we wouldn't have gotten the amazing Horizon Zero Dawn. I love it when game companies branch off and do something they aren't used to. It's all about ambition. Who wants to do the same thing over and over again?
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    • Rykroft

      Rykroft Active Member

      They developed SWTOR in the past, so, is not the first time.
      The problem here is the "Andromeda Effect" and I mean the ilogical hate arround the game and the company.

      As I said before, you should take the good with the bad and evaluate the hole package. But well, not everyone have an open mind.
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      • Carlo


        Quote from Rykroft
        "As I said before, you should take the good with the bad and evaluate the hole package. But well, not everyone have an open mind."

        In a complex game that has a storyline with three main acts, well developed characters (npc), a world with rich lore and smooth machinists. You will still have a design moment that may raise your eyebrow, but doesn't break the story or gameplay. Like a well written book or movie. Now I'm talking about RPG's not shooters, for the most part they have a campaign not a well defined storyline. Again for the most part. Take Dragon Age 2, a change in visual style and limited game machinists, but great characters and story. When Inquisition came out they returned to their normal visual style, learning from feedback. A way a developer can correct something in a game is through a DLC. But there are games, in my opinion, are test runs a true game non the less. We as consumers can not take a bad or misleading game and just play it. We do ourselves and the industry an injustice. Anthem may be ahead of the learning curve and most articles and YouTube reviews are behind that curve or as Rykroft said not opened minded.
        End of the wall of text. :)
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        • JUNEBUG

          JUNEBUG Member

          My skepticism doesn't come from Andromeda. I've never played a Bioware game (yeah, bash me lol), but it comes more so from Bungie and The Division.

          They are making "THAT" type of game. Not just any game. This game is really important to me honestly. I wish they really did their homework on both Bungie and Ubisoft's mistakes. I want this game to be perfect from the door. No one expected Destiny to be perfect, but I feel the pressure for Bioware is real because I'm sure they have played Destiny and The Division.

          Huge mistakes that can kill this game:

          - Not really opened world (Like Destiny)
          - No PVP
          - Boring landscapes
          - Boring side quests that have no purpose
          - Nothing besides cool down time to shift you from being in the air with your suit (and yes, people will call it a poor man's Iron Man game if that's the case)
          - [Insert more]
        • Matthew


          I agree with you 100%. I don't expect Anthem to absolutely perfect right out the door, but it better be pretty damn good. Side quests need to be meaningful. We have to feel like we are actually doing something important, and not just fetching something or killing something. PvP is especially important because a lot of gamers are PvP heavy. If there was no PvP, it would cut out a lot of gamers.
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          • JUNEBUG

            JUNEBUG Member

            My thoughts exactly. That's why I believe they are adding lore. I think that's a must. PVP as well. I don't think there's a new game that exists with co-op and no PVP
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