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Scars: what are they, really what are they?

From EA Official site.
"Fight savage beasts and ruthless marauders."

Are the Scars the marauders or indigenous creatures that are intelligent enough to use our technology? In the Gameinformer article describing the E3 trailer the Scars were referred to as "lizard foes". Their speech pattern could represent some sort of reptilian language. But they could also be some sort of insectoid. They attacked the large walker (there must be a name for it) and proceeded to scavenge parts or cargo. They do seem to be light to medium armored and have the ability to use a exo suit (a heavy). The images below hopefully will give you a chance to determine what they are.


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Well I guess these are the main npc's we will be fighting. They look like they have some type of armor, so maybe there's another enemy force we are fighting? There has to be a villain who's made the npc's.
Well the skull map marker is a good possibly of some high level enemy, maybe the leader of the Scar. I can understand that there may not be any humans outside Fort Tarsus. That may include human enemies. But it seem that Praxley set some individuals out into the wilds for something. Maybe a mining location or an outpost, a lot of possibilities. There still the possibly of human marauders held up in some abandoned location. Guess we'll have find out.

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