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Running Solo


“Hey guys, I found a cave entrance over here never noticed it before. Let's see what's inside, hey where the hell is everybody. Hey.”

So you want to run solo because playing a game with others in the past you've spotted a cave entrance or doorway, some other interesting feature and wanted to investigate or explore. Only to find yourself alone, everyone else ran ahead to fight the boss for the umpteenth time. How will you fit into the Shared-World of Anthem as a solo player. In an interview with Jonathan Warner at E3, he stated that “you can play the entire game by yourself.” This is intriguing considering that Shaper Storms may take us to some sort of strike/raid, other locations may have multiple enemies with a high level boss. In a shared-world these are generally designed and played by a team of players. This will require more development design from BioWare to accommodate different play styles, especially single players to make that experience rewarding.

We have yet to see how this will play out considering the little information we have about Anthem at this point. But the prospect of varied gameplay environments holds promise for the lone wolves out there and actually for all of us. This can create an environment where you can change up your play style, even your load out for your Javelin. A lone wolf can benefit a team as well, the team member who has more time to explore. The solo player may be able to aid a squad in a tough fight or come to the aid of another lone wolf. The single player in a Shared-World environment can push BioWare to create a more immersive and dynamic world. This will benefit us all.

Now if I can only bring Dr. Mordin Solus along as a companion...
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