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Religion in Anthem?


Writing about the ancient city of Tarsus which I believe Fort Tarsus derives its namesake from, there was what seemingly was another parallel. This wasn't the parallel of location names but the names of two individuals, the names Paul and Michelle.

The apostle Paul was from Tarsus which was one of the two main player characters in the E3 demo. Was BioWare suggesting a reference to religion in Anthem, after all the theme of religion was in Dragon Age and ME 1-3 ( the Geth). The fact that the city of Tarsus has a very deep religious history might be just a coincidence.

But Michelle is the female name for Michael, the Archangel Michael? Maybe just another coincidence, or not. Michael is one of four main archangels, I wondered why BioWare went with four players rather than three as Destiny did, just to be different? The four main archangels are associated with the four natural elements of air, fire, water and earth, in reference to the elemental effects that each freelancer has? The fact that one of the javelins floats in midair rather than using a jetpack. A reference to hovering as a winged being might do?

I might be off into a ditch here and this could all be just a coincidence and chalk it up to an active imagination. Then again I wouldn't rule out some kind of religion that entwined itself into the storyline and lore of Anthem. Your thoughts.
Okeeey, but what about the other 2, Sandra and Kim? Did you find any other religious reference?
Yes, but a little more removed from the two main characters and their connection to Tasus. Plus it would seem as if I'm wearing a tinfoil hat, if it doesn't seem like that already. If BioWare is hinting at a belief system the two main characters reference was enough to suggest a link, if my speculation is correct. There may be a belief system within the lore as a cultural element for storytelling or motivation, without any link to the names. I thought the coincidence was interesting enough to raise the question.

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