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Discussion in 'General Discussion & Speculation' started by Matthew, Jun 21, 2017.

  1. Matthew


    So do you think there will be raids or dungeons in Anthem? With 4 player co-op, this would be a great opportunity for dungeons or raids.

    I remember in the gameplay demo, they talked about something called "Shaper Storms" for a little bit. Apparently they are these storms that can appear at any time and change the world around us. At the end of the gameplay demo we can see all 4 Freelancers jumping into a portal created by a Shaper Storm.

    Maybe inside the portal there will be some type of raid for dungeon? :)
  2. Rykroft


    Dungeons/Strikes probably, but I'm more interested in the RAID info, for example the size of the party.
    In SWTOR my Guild didn't have enought members and we never run a RAID (tears).
    Now, I would love to know the standar party size for the endgame instance.

    JUNEBUG Member

    I hope shaper storms aren't being deferred to as just portals for raids.

    I want them to be their own mystery/terror.

    They have a chance to be unique. We already know what raids and dungeons are.
    We don't know what shaper storms are.

    There's already too much common and bland things I can point out already. From the cheesy lines from the teaser to the mech exo suits.
  4. Dzzel

    Dzzel New Member

    shaper storms could be world event rader then a raid


    shaper storms are form because of some rare material/element in the planet ground and the magnetic field of the planet

    shaper storms open a portal to a parall dimension when the law of physics are different
    because of this there are some supper exotic material that are use for upgrades & power sours

    but you will have to fight waves of enemy's before you can get them and the time you can spend in there is limet because to portal weakens over time
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    • Matthew


      That's an interesting theory. If it's true, I hope that there's not just waves upon wavesof enemies because that would be extremely repetitive. They need to switch it up with something like weekly bosses that have different mechanics.
    • Carlo


      I agree with you Mathew on the idea of BioWare having to switch up the concept of a raid. A new IP, a new concept of a raid. Raiding different locations with different bosses with different mechanics, never knowing where or who. Would be a nice change and incorperate the world in a more immersive way. Contracts, bulletin boards a host of other possibilities. Going to the same place each time just gets old. Redefining what a Raid is could also be a game changer..