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Post Ratings, Featured Threads, and a Dev Tracker


Hello fellow freelancers! I'm pleased to announce some new additions to the forum. I'm sure some of you have noticed them. :)

1. Post Ratings
We have replaced the like system with post ratings. This will let you choose a variety of ratings instead of just having one option.
Screenshot (13).png

2. Featured Threads.
The second new feature is called Featured Threads. This will showcase threads of our choosing on the forum list. We will be choosing threads that are informative and show exceptional quality.
Screenshot (14).png

3. Dev Tracker
The third new feature is the Dev Tracker. The Dev Tracker tracks twitter and reddit posts from all known twitter accounts of Anthem developers. You can see it in action here.
Screenshot (15).png

That's all for now! Until next time. :)

- Matthew

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