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New BioWare Pics Offers Clues!


New BioWare Pics Offers Clues.
Anthem Universe on Discord received some new screenshots/photos from one of the developers at BioWare, full description in video, one screenshot in particular is very intriguing. This screenshot is interesting for a number of clues that it provides. We see a Ranger standing in what appears to be the mouth of a cave, overlooking some type of complex. The buildings have a very Asian influence to them, Japanese as stated in the video, which seem to be in excellent condition. If you notice closely there are platforms, storage tanks, and other smaller buildings that make up this complex. The huge Shaper Relic overlooks this area with waterfalls emptying into a large opening as if the complex and area is circular in nature and remote. We have seen this area before in a demo, but from a different angle with the Ranger landing on the bridge. The Asian architecture would point to other cultural influences in Anthem that opens up more design possibilities and choices as the story unfolds, specifically if this is a settlement.

The Ranger would indicate that this is not in Fort Tarsis, or only accessible by javelin if associated with Fort Tarsis. Remember we see all four javelins in the demo on the bridge, meaning that this is it part of Our World not My Story. This facility has a secluded feel to it and the only way in is by javelin of which the platforms would indicate, and that it does not seem to be walled. The huge Shaper Relic seems to be linked or part of the complex, which may mean that this may be a Arcanist facility. The location and complex has that monk vibe to it that would lend itself to the scientist-monk faction of the Arcanist. BioWare has shown this complex more than once highlighting its importance. The cultural reference would suggest that there is a diverse world in Anthem made up of many peoples and cultures that would add to the complexity of storytelling and lore. This one screenshot may show some interesting possibilities in Anthem that Mass Effect and Dragon Age did with their complexity in cultures and lore.
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