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Microtransactions and DLC

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Speculation' started by Carlo, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. Carlo


    There are rumors out there that BioWare may put microtransactions in Anthem. I for one hope they don't. I don't want or need to pay for a shader or armor piece that should be in the game I just paid for. Likewise a DLC should not be content cut from the game then sold as new content. New content should be something new like a new planet or continent, not unlocking an area in the original game that was cut to make a dlc.

    In my humble opinion BioWare needs to start off on the right footing with Anthem and their fan base with goodwill. Anthem is a new IP, create goodwill as if you're a new company looking at the long game with a fan base that will buy your game(s). CD Projekt Red did this without any financial downside, in fact they profited from it. No microtransactions or cut content sold as a dlc, look at where CD Projekt Red is now (their bottom line).

    BioWare there is a business model out there that no microtransactions and cut content for dlc can work and be profitable. Please make this a win for you and a win for your fans. A win-win is more preferable than a win-lose.
  2. Rykroft


    Microtransaction rumor? Do you have the source of that new? Could you please post it here?
  3. Rykroft


    Well I'm sorry for them, an MMO is built on character progress. if you can buy that with microtransaction no one will play the game, except those rat kid who like to presume their recently bought gear.
    I know it, they always say "No, is purely esthetic" but we all know that a lie, look at SWTOR with their XP Boonus Items and restrictions.
    Microtransaction are the worse thing it happen to the MMO in the last decade.
  4. Matthew


    I don't think there should be any micro transactions in a $60 game. I suppose cosmetics are okay, but that's the limit. A $60 game that will, no doubt, have many expansions, should not have micro transactions at all. In Angry Joe's Destiny 2 review, he says something along the lines of (I don't have exact quote) "I have to pay more money just to look cool in a game I already paid $60 for?" I completely agree with him.

    Of course the game will have micro transactions. The publisher is EA after all.
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    • Rykroft


      Totally agree, cosmetic is the limit, the problem is that we are dealing with EA.....