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Mechs in Anthem!


It would seem to be that Mechs will be apart of Anthem now, and in the future. We have had two (2) examples of the Scars mech, which will prove to be a potent enemy. In the 2018 Game Awards Trailer BioWare introduced large bipedal mechs in the assault on Freemarch, something that could be overlooked in the trailer. Could we pilot a mech, would this be a good addition to the game world. What do you think?

Scar Mech.

In the trailer if you watch closely you will be able to see this two (2) different style mechs move and fire. Indicating variants on the same theme, much like the variants for the javelin. What other tech does the Dominion have?
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Yup the mechs in the last picture are the mobile base type, the ones your character use in some occasion to enter the map. Is only logical that the dominion has the same ones.
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