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Mass Effect And KOTOR's Drew Karpyshyn Is Writing BioWare's 'Anthem'


Nice link, thanks Matthew. One thing the article (and others) stated is that Anthem is a shooter like Destiny. Let me quote BioWare's official site stating what Anthem is, as far as gameplay.
"In this shared-world action-RPG"
I understand that there are similarities to Destiny or the Division, to mention a few. The gameplay may seem similar but both those titles, as noted in the article, were lacking in storytelling (or the lack of one). In today's market strong storytelling can make a good game great. A strong writer can make a game come alive and cement our buy-in to the game world. Not to mention long term playability. Mass Effect is rated at the top of great games. The storytelling was a major factor to its success. So I couldn't agree more with Matthew's view that the writing is in good hands.


I read it yesterday.... I was so happy back then. That man is a legend, since KOTOR I bought every single game in which he was the main writer.

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