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Mass Effect 5 discussion

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by wildflare, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. wildflare

    wildflare New Member

    Now that Bioware has restructured, I think ME5 could be in the conceptualizing stage.

    So, please share your opinions how should ME 5 proceed with the story.

    I think there should be new story with new characters in Andromeda or some neighbour galaxy ephasizing on survival/exploration/sci-fi aspect.
  2. Rykroft


    Mmm I would expect a complete overhauld of Mass Effect Andromeda, starting with the animations, in DLC format with an amazing new story.
    You know, fix the last Mass Effect first, and then go on with the next one.
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    • wildflare

      wildflare New Member

      I don't mind animations in ME:A only dialogue, banter and SAM's interactions. There is too much of it and distracts alot from the gameplay.

      ME2 had a Arrival DLC quite late in production which tied story with ME3. Maybe Andromeda will have similar DLC to set up ME5.

      This is my short overview of Andromeda and what should have improved in ME5.
      This is still WIP. Please share your opinions on it.

      Mass Effect 5.jpg
    • Matthew


      I have doubts that they will fix what's wrong with Mass Effect Andromedia. They'll probably go ahead and work on Mass Effect 5. Fixing Andromedia will probably cost too much time and manpower.