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Lets build this community :D


Content Creator
Hey heyy! Just recently joined up after seeing a few fellow Freelancers on the Anthem Universe Discord server post some links to here. So anything Anthem, I am ready to be apart of! My name is Garret, I am foremost a gamer, but I also run a YouTube channel, Sly Nation. I'm on PC as well as Xbox One. I started back in the Halo days linking Xbox's together after school on a military base where I grew up. After that, it was FF7 on PlayStation and then a bunch of Bioware goodies on PC. I ended up doing great things in Football, and after College ball, I was injured playing for a team in The Netherlands. After many many surgeries, I took up gaming again and fell in love with Mass Effect. It kept me entertained for the years I was in casts, and while I only gamed for entertainment when I was young. This time it was different. Mass Effect was like a movie I could play out on my own. Control my own star and decide his/her fate. That's when I started taking gaming seriously and I also saw the power it had on not only myself but the millions of people around the world. Now with Destiny and the great things the community has done for not only myself but for others everywhere. I want to help build another great one around Anthem. I have a few videos up on my YouTube channel and if anyone is creating Anthem podcasts or speculation/theory podcasts, I would love to be apart of it! You can find me on the Anthem Universe Discord or on Twitter @Sly_Nation. Happy to be here!

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Hey there Sly! (mind if I call you that?)

Welcome to Anthem Hub! I'll be sure to check out your Youtube channel! I hope to see you around. :)

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