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Javelin Junkies is looking for members :)


New Member

let me introduce myself real quick. I'm M0m aka David. I come from a game called Sea of Thieves, where I led two of the biggest Communities on Discord and also created a large fan website.

For Anthem, I am really looking forward to the beautiful world and just having a blast with friends. So far, my favorite Javelins are the Ranger and the Storm :)

Anthem is my next big project and that's why I also wanted to create a community there.

Javelin Junkies is a mature and welcoming Anthem Community. What sets Javelin Junkies apart from other Communities is our experience in running Guilds, clans, and communities on Discord. A lot of our leadership has a Destiny background, so we know what we're getting ourselves into. Our Discord has everything it needs without being riddled with bots, we work closely with our Community members and want to grow together. Join us and find it our yourself!

You can find an invite in my Signature!

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