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Javelin: Built for the Wilds

The Javelin or Exosuits will be our armor against the dangers of the wilds. What can we expect from it. We get a look at the javelin repair bay where two mechanics are working/repairing two suits. This bay may be the storage area for our suits, a visible location of what we own, an armor stand if you will.

First of all they look practical, a lot of consideration by BioWare went into the design of the Javelin. When you stick those hero landings you're actually landing on about two feet of shock absorbers. Make sense doesn't it. The jetpack is not the only thing that propels you, there are small jets on the legs for better directional movement.

Oh, in a dark cave the javelin has its own flashlight. The point is the javelin looks practical and was designed with that in mine, plus it shows their commitment for the long term. Little things make a difference. Allocating developer resources to these little details takes time and underscores the 10 year plan.

The Colossus has a special which is its AOE, notice the red bracket you'll see a percentage sign (possible damage out put that could be upgrades) and a symbol that looks like a hand in red (fire) with a aura around it. This could be a shockwave.

Looking at he the weapons system it seems three weapon slots available in the suits, shown in the HUD. The Ranger and Colossus (looking from left to right) have a shoulder mounted weapon (ala Predator), some type of elemental effect ( which could be an offensive AOE weapon and delivered in a specific manner to each suit) and they have a visible assault type weapon (on the hip). Considering that BioWare showed and named two suits and showed their HUD. This may mean the other two have a slightly different allocation for the three weapon slots.

The Colossus uses his AOE in the sequence of three images. The first in is heavy landing with shock and fire, second and third is his preparing to fist slam. Notice the red glow of his hand.

The second lighter build, which may be called a Striker, has an energy system that emanates around the legs and arms. This keeps it aloft and can hover possibly for longer periods than a jetpack, giving the Striker a different offensive capability which is implied by the name (for the soccer fans). One additional aspect to the Striker is that it can teleport to a location and blink short distances. Neat trick.

Again, this level of detail can be overlooked (and probably should) but carry that to the environment, combat mechanics, exploration (even underwater), loot, storyline and character development. You would/should have a great game stretching out over years. If that's what BioWare is carrying out in the little details, then I am very optimistic.
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