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In-flight Combat?

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Speculation' started by Matthew, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Matthew


    So I think maybe there will be in-flight combat according to this image. You can see explosions in the sky. In-flight combat would be a game-changer!

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    • Carlo


      That is an interesting screenshot. I'm wondering if that was from a different gameplay. The image below is the E3 gameplay at about the same location and receiving fire from the Sacrs in front. The structure on the left is a ruin building. It seems that the player is receiving fire from that location. It would seem that we could hover in order to engage, that would be something to take note of. I agree that would be a game changer.

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      • groogrux43

        groogrux43 New Member

        That would be awesome really.
      • Rykroft

        Rykroft Active Member

        mmm I think that you will be able to receive damage in air, but not necessarily fight. I would love to be wrong ....
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