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Discussion in 'General Discussion & Speculation' started by Carlo, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. Carlo



    In the above image from gameplay at E3 BioWare has created a very immersion heavy HUD. Very minimalist, even the pop up for chat from a player has been designed with that in mind. In games that can be modded the HUD is always the first thing to be reduced in size and scope. BioWare seems to have taken note of this. You get the full scope of the enviorment which could relate to story telling and your surroundings. In the bottom image you can see that BioWare carried this minimalist theme into combat. The amount of ammo you have is related to your target, grayed out and reduced in size. To the lower right corner you see your armor rating, also grayed out to minimize its effect. There is three sections to your armor health. Starting in the lower left side this bar is reduced as your armor is reduced moving counter clock wise to the next bar. In the bottom center is you weapons statis, rockets, special and firearm. Simple and clean, when not in combat these items are not shown. This I fell is a good start and thoughtful design choices. Hopefully this will continue and improve with time.

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    • Matthew


      I agree that this is a very good design choice. There's less things to distract the player from being immersed in the environment.
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      • Rykroft

        Rykroft Active Member

        I would love to see more, well I was playing Destiny in 1rs person and of course I can "feel" the change. I would have to get use to it. NO big deal..
      • Carlo


        I agree, I've have played third person then first person then back again. Although my tiny brain goes " WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME". Yea, that hurts.
        #4 Carlo, Jun 18, 2017
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