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How did you choose your Gamer ID/Username

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Matthew, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Matthew


    So I'm asking you chose your Gamer ID or Username. I love asking this question because sometimes they are fun stories to read. :)

    Unfortunately mine is not so interesting. I was a member of a different forum once. One member's name was m0nsta, and another user's name was Lulz. I combined them and just liked the way it sounded. :)
  2. Rykroft

    Rykroft Active Member

    I chose Vykroft because of my to favourite characters, Viktor from Suikoden and Mycroft (Sherlock Holmes brother). But I had to change my Id because I gave my old PS3 to my nephew and he is using my account, and that give me a lot of problem. Apparently Sony don't want you to use the same account in 2 consoles at the same time, logout problem, constant password petition changes, and a few more.
    So I just change the first letter and that is...
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    • Ecliptica

      Ecliptica Anthem UX Team

      Ecliptica's my go-to name since it's the name of my favourite album by my favourite Finnish power metal band Sonata Arctica. :)
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      • Tindivall

        Tindivall New Member

        During the days of Everquest I was in a guild called Divine Alliance and my charc was a Dark Elf Mage named Tinelven (random name generator and I liked it since the dark elf skin looked like tin).... Anyways the guild later decided no evil races allowed in the guild and I had to reroll a new charc.

        I took the Tin from tinelven, Div from Divine, and All from Alliance = Tindivall
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        • Sumerat

          Sumerat New Member

          Well about 11 years ago i needed a Username for a account, This is where my Retarded brain came up with. and it just sticked over time do i decided to keep it :)
        • Thumbscrew86

          Thumbscrew86 New Member

          Dont realy know how I choosethis tag. It's long ago ....
        • OujaStrike

          OujaStrike New Member

          My comes from a Japanese show called Kamen Rider Ryuki, one of the Riders is called Ouja & Strike comes from an American adaption of Ryuki - Kamen Rider Dragon Knight which the Rider is called Strike.