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How did we get to Anthem?

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Speculation' started by Carlo, Jul 1, 2017.

  1. Carlo


    The image below is where the Shaper Storm appears, I found it odd that it was inside a structure and that structure was interacting with the storm. The structure was in fact rings that could be part of an apparatus and had a familiar look. The apparatus could be the remains of a device that would open up a wormhole. Yes like a stargate. This may be in fact how humanity got here and some sort of accident (natural or manmade) destroyed the gate. Leaving the population stranded here. The storm may be in actuality the gate firing off at random intervals. Running further down this rabbit hole of speculation this gate (I've said this in another post) could transport us to different locations on Anthem. Take the mechanics of a wormhole gate and it could transport us to different worlds. There is a ten year plan. Is there more than one, do we have to repair this one? The second image may be and Easter egg? The two videos may be the inspiration behind the shaper storms? If nothing else I hope this may foster your own speculation.



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      JUNEBUG Member

      I kind of didn't want it to be that, but that's spot on. It's also similar to No Man's Sky and Destiny.

      It looks like either it somehow the ship got corrupted or some sorts. Possibly by the Scar's or higher beings.

      There's so much speculation and lore!
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      • Carlo


        You got it. That's what I was implying a back story/ lore, you know that BioWare can create a rich history. It will be fun to find out what that is..