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Wassup folks?! Names GaLion I will be playing Anthem on PS4 (played in the alpha and will be on for the Jan demo). My psn is DivenioAvalien. I am hopping to find a good Guild to join for this or at least a good core group of people to squad with. Since rewards come greater in squads this is attempt to make some friends for this lol. I will be doing a 24 hour stream for Anthem day 1. I'm alll about having in game in the party and getting work done. Ill be maining Interceptor. So looking forward to hear from people and playing in game with people. GUILDS HMU!! AND DONT FORGET TO ADD ME ON PSN!! Thank You. Later Dayz.


Wassup GaLionPGN, 24 hour steam from day one (1). Yes, I will be watching, wait I'll be playing the game also on the PS4. Ohhhh see you there! 😎
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