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Hello, hello!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SpaceManX, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone, my name is Jake, a.k.a SpaceManX. I enjoy gaming, writing, reading, listening to music, hanging out with friends and surfing the web. I currently own an Xbox One (GT: DerivedOdin) and a PS4 (PSN: apetmonkey). You'll more than likely find me on the XBO more lately due to lack of an active PSN subscription. I primarily play Rocket League, Halo Wars 2, Crossout and FIFA17 at the moment.

    If you want to know more, just ask! See everyone around the community.
  2. Matthew


    Hello Jake! Welcome to Anthem Hub! I'll be sure to add you on Xbox One and PS4. I'm more a PlayStation guy myself though. :p

    Look forward to seeing you around!
  3. Thanks for the welcome sir, I'll see you around the community.
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    • RedTieGuy

      Content Creator

      Hello there SpaceManX! Welcome to the forums :D
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      • Thanks for the welcome.
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        • Thumbscrew86

          Thumbscrew86 New Member

          Welcome Here .