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Give Me a Fish Tank!


One of the fun things that was introduced on the Normandy in Mass Effect was the fish tank. It was a little thing but it and other novelties in Shepard's quarters had a great immersion factor. Now I don't expect that in a shared-world space we would have the opportunity to have our own quarters (maybe). But in saying that having any type of quarters would add a sense of belonging. Like Shepard we could find unique items in our exploration to add to a shelf in our quarters.

We need to feel entwined with the world of Anthem, a part of Fort Tarsus not just characters going to one event after another. Not having a bed or a pot to, well to use, like we did on the Normandy won't give you that personal feeling of place. BioWare has had a history of making us feel connected to our companions and our environment, like any great story. I hope BioWare will continue this tradition in Anthem with a place we can call home, not a storage locker that you stand in front of while going into your inventory.

What's your thoughts on this?

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Ohhhh I will kill anyone for my own in game home, a nice apartment like the one you have in Mass Effect 3 Citadell DLC, or something similar. You know, a place to rest a bit wile you wait for the raid party to assemble, or when you need to craft things and do other stuff.
Some developers thing that the usual player just want to enter PvP queue from start and nothing more. But the PvE player, I mean like me, prefer a nice and appealing atmosphere. I spent far more time farming for my Starcruiser (in SWTOR) than anything else, it gave me a significant reason to keep playing the game.
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