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General Tarsis


I noticed in the new trailer that he is holding a sword. I hope this means that were will be melee weapons in the future!


New Member
Indeed. A Sword & Shield build for the Colossus would be epic. Not to mention different melee weapons for all the classes


Active Member
Oddly enough, I am not too sure how I feel about melee weapons. There is a reason why guns replaced swords and other melee type weapons IRL, I always picture the scene from Indiana Jones with the swordsman. Maybe if they were something like the trick weapons from Bloodborne, picturing something like a future version of the Stake Driver, or a Rifle Spear... maybe. Mind you, the Ranger shock mace is basically a toned down Tonitrus. Hmmm...

Edit, forgot about the Boom Hammer... another possibility. :)


New Member
Interested in what really happened after the battle of Antium Pass? What was so divisive? What was Arden Vassa's plan? Why abandon the Fortress of Dawn?

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