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Anthem Sphere Gamescom Rumors are Building


Unconfirmed rumors that Anthem will be represented at Gamescom 2017 (Tuesday, August 22nd through Saturday, August 26th) are starting to build up some steam.

In a YouTube video speculating about Javelin classes and abilities, Arekkz Gaming casually mentioned that “The next time we’ll be seeing gameplay is Gamescom, which is in August.” (The exact mention is here.)

SegmentNext noticed. Their article expands a bit on Arekkz’s statement, stating that we will see “new gameplay footage” at Gamescom (emphasis ours).

DSO Gaming also picked up on this and reported the same “new gameplay footage” rumor.

The problem? So far, this is all unsourced speculation. No one has quoted an official source within EA or BioWare. The rumor seems to have arisen from Arekkz’s offhand comment.

We asked Game Director Jonathan Warner clarity on Twitter. He was playfully evasive:

*looks around* Who me?

— Jonathan Warner (@Bio_Warner) June 30, 2017

However, Warner proceeded to reveal that Anthem had hit a major development milestone. Game developers often set milestones before major reveals like E3, Gamescom, etc. It’s circumstantial at best, we know, but it’s not absolutely nothing.

Will we in fact see more of Anthem at Gamescom? We certainly expect so, but it’s not confirmed yet. We’ve reached out to EA Public Relations for an official comment. We’ll let you know as soon as we do.

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