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French here too!

Hi Freelancers!

First, sorry but my english is really poor so my presentation will be short.

Guardian since year one in Destiny, I love this game and his u.s. community but i saw how my french community is scattered with degraded mentality :vomit:

When Bungie open their site to others languages i become admin in French forum and waiting for NInja to operate on all forum in Destiny 2 and it's here i understand, to have a great community, we have to make it earlier, not 3 years later!

Hope to see somethings fresh here, it's juste the begining and promise to be wonderful.

Lets go for my french guys^^

Avis aux français du coin qui n'auraient pas encore inspecter mon profil :

Vous me trouverez facilement sur Twitter, Facebook et sur la commu ps4 aussi, recherchez Anthem VF

Soyons unis avant même que l'histoire ne commence pour ensuite en profiter à fond, je ne laisserais tomber aucun de mes indépendants ;)
Welcome to the forum, spanish Speaker here and Destiny player to. I understand you, in latinoamerica I have the same kind of problem with my "co-speakers"
Enjoy the forum, and let make a great community together.
Hajaha, no no, I named my Destiny Guild GSf (Guardien sans frontiere) because I'm a huge Metal Gear Solid fan.
Big Boss have a mercenary unit called MSF (Militaires sans frontiere)

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