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Freelancers: What's the Backstory


In the beginning of Mass Effect you selected a backstory for Shephard. This was incorporated into the storyline. Is there a backstory to the Freelancers? Will we be able to pick a backstory for our character? Will that place us in the storyline in some way?

Freelancer is an ancient term for mercenaries or hired army. Praxley's dialogue referred to paying others who weren't freelancers, a cheaper price for a mission. This implies that the freelancers are for hire, having either military or combat experience to be called a freelancer. Also in the demo the group of four assembled to form a squad, another military term.

In the gameplay demo we get a good look at the Ranger and Colossus. We see the “v” shaped or chevron on the Rangers Exosuit, this could also represent the Roman Numeral 5 (as in legion) We see another symbol on the left shoulder and leg of the Colossus. Both symbols that the Freelancers sport may be a faction insignia. But maybe they represent insignias of units they belonged to in the past. It is common for military insignias to be worn on the shoulder or helmet. We see this on the Ranger and Colossus.

Fort Tarsus is a fort after all and must have troops/guard/police. There may have been other forts with troops defending them. Forts implies armed conflict. Maybe the Freelancers are the remnants of what's left of those forts, armies or units. Banding together to protect the last remaining fort and humanities last foothold on Anthem. Symbols have meaning and history, will we get to pick a symbol or insignia to place us in the history of Anthem. Perhaps we will get to design our own insignia to place on our Javelin. If like Shephard it gives us a starting point to belong to some historical kickass unit to begin with, for us to expand on during our adventures in Anthem would be interesting.



I have no doubt that BioWare will give an intriguing back story for freelancers, however we don't know if we'll be able to choose multiple back stories. That sure would add to the replay value of the game. You've brought up some very good points, I would love to see them incorporated into the story.


Shephard had more than one backstories to pick from so that could add to the repayabablity. It would be something if each backstory placed us in a different place/faction to begin with.
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Well, they did write several (different) histories for SWTOR, both factions. So, you should expect the same level of detail regardless storytelling.
I have faith, a lot of faith in Edmonton Team, they never let me down with their games, and believe me, I have played all of them.
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