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Finding The Lost Arcanist, what's the true location?


Where the hell are you Mathias?
In the Live Stream from BioWare devs, rescuing Mathias (the lost Arcanist) the squad ends up in the middle of nowhere. I found it odd in the gameplay, and a little anticlimatic. The lost 15minutes of the IGN video of the Lost Arcanist, this shows the same mission to save Mathias and probably the full mission. I can understand the difference in the two videos and the different locations (or a shorten version), as not to give away the location and the lore that is contained within the mission. As you can see in the screenshots from the The Legion of Dawn trailer, and the lost 15 minutes the statues seems to be the javelins of the Legion of Dawn. Spears and all.

My Concern:
The gameplay was the heart pounding adrenaline rushing action you would expect, or hope to expect in Anthem. The mission isn't over, because you still need to get Mathias back to Fort Tarsis. This is a huge location and what seems to have a lot of lore connected material within it. Consider all the work that the devs put into this one location and not be able to explore it, or just take in the detail of it. I hope that there is an opportunity at some point after the mission to rediscover this location and explore! Take in the detailed environment and any lore we might have missed. An environment such as this one needs to have more than one instance within it, different levels of engagement as to give any location a reason to return to it. It was stated that once a location is cleared it will stay that way for a period of time, this may give us that opportunity to explore this location after the mission. I hope so for the lore lovers and level designers (mod makers) out there. This is just my thoughts and hopes for Anthem, and the engagement into this new world. What's your?

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