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It’s a pleasure to be here and signed up with like minded gamers/future freelancers. Like you all, I believe Anthem is going to be epic and I finally decided to sign up for a community Anthem based forum (although I’ve browsed anthem hub as a guest since February 18).

Some stuff about myself: I work for a F200 company, a photographer, FAA certified drone pilot, first child on the way and I will be playing with a PonySlaystation PSN: Starkest.

My overall goal is to laugh and have a great time with great people. I look forward to seeing most of you at launch and will be looking to set up a squad in the near future. Cheers!
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Welcome Starkest to the Hub. Congrats on your first child, being a dad is the best. You'll find me at the bar with Haluk, so cheers.
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