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Anthem Sphere Fall 2018 Launch Window Confirmed


When EA recently updated Anthem’s official web site, they added this:

This is EA committing Anthem to a Fall 2018 release window. Technically, that means sometime between September 22, 2018 and December 21, 2018. We find it interesting that they didn’t say “Holiday 2018”, which would traditionally imply a November-ish target. EA may be shooting for earlier in the Fall. It’s early, so they might be leaving themselves some wiggle room in their release schedule.

Fall 2018 would put Anthem’s launch right up against the end Year 1 of Destiny 2. This is an interesting choice, and, we think, a smart one. Destiny 1 experienced massive player falloff at the end of Year 1. If history repeats itself and Destiny 2 players have worn through the game by then, this will be the perfect time window within which to pick them up.

Sometimes the little things make a big difference too. Note the list of platforms. Notice who is first? “Xbox, PC, PS4” – The Microsoft platforms are listed first. Anthem was announced as part of the Xbox briefing. This is similar to Bungie announcing Destiny news with the PlayStation briefings and always listing PlayStation first. Signs that Anthem will prefer the Xbox platform in some way are definitely growing.

Stay tuned right here for much more Anthem news and info.

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