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Anthem Sphere Exclusive Content? Probably Not.


Anthem was revealed as part of the Xbox E3 briefing and that Microsoft and EA are pretty tight, and there’s been a lot of speculation about the console exclusivity Anthem may have. There won’t be much, it turns out, if Xbox boss Phil Spencer has his way.

In an interview with Gamespot, Spencer detailed his philosophy on timed exclusive content in particular:

“I’ve said I’m not one who’s a fan of going out and doing deals so that a certain skin isn’t playable on another platform or a different Strike,” he said. “And people will come and say, ‘Hey, you guys did that first with Call of Duty way back in the day.’ I wasn’t in this position when that happened. That’s not me ducking responsibility for it, but I didn’t make that call.”

Spencer specifically mentions a “Strike”. Is this a stab at Destiny’s PS4-exclusive Strikes? It sure sounds like it. More imporantly, Spencer directly expresses dislike for the old 30-day timed exclusive DLCs when CoD had Xbox platform exclusivity.

Xbox did announce 22 “exclusives” at the E3 briefing. These fall into two categories. “Console launch exclusives” are games which will launch first on the Xbox One and come to other platforms later on. First-party exclusives are games which will only ever be available on Xbox.

We know Anthem will be available on Xbox, PC and PS4. Will it launch later on PS4? We just don’t know. If there is any exclusivity beyond a marketing arrangement, that would seem to be the only possibility.

Anything is possible. However, given Spencer’s position on the issue, it’s difficult to imagine that Anthem will have any Xbox console exclusive content, even timed exclusives.

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