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EA influence on Anthem?

Yup.... EA is a cancer, no doubt, they fired almost all SWTOR staff members only after two month of releasing the game (I remember, it was a very sad moment in my life.....the MMO that I dreamed for all my life)
With Anthem, I'm afraid that, even if the Game director is not agree with the idea, they will have to change and adapt the game for the new...... business trend? that is who they called it?
F%*&@ y@#*& EA, stop ruining all my games....
Knowing that the publisher has the controll and more importantly the purse strings to the developer a could game can turn into sh*t by the corporate bottom line. I've had this nagging felling that something isn't right when BioWare did offere something at Gamescon. I try to keep a lid on it when posting. Wait and see.

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