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Drew Karpyshyn leaves BioWare

Drew Karpyshyn Is leaving BioWare. This is not a good sign, I remembered when the lead writer for Destiny left back in the day. We all know how that turned out. If there is no real story or some kind of patchwork thrown together, again, this does not bode well. A writer leaves because he wants to persue another project. This was the lead writer for Destiny's statement also. The fact is the story was being undercut to fit the memorization of the game. This smells like a FPS campaign not an RPG game or should I say SERVICE.
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Yup, I don't want to be skeptical, but.... Aaryn Flynn, Mike Laidlaw, Steven Gilmour and now .....Drew Karpyshyn
Probably Karpyshyn wrote all the game story before he decided to move on, but that means that, any DLC or expansion, will not have his signature on it. Something to worry about in a "Game as a service" :rolleyes:
Probably EA is thinking that they don't need Karpyshyn, but... they tried to replace him on Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2 with another writer, and everyone knows how it ends.
Joe Staten left Destiny with a similar story, he didn't peruse his own personal interest but when on to another game company. Those of us who knew something was up when he left , saw what happen to the true storyline in Destiny and that whole debacle. Drew Karpyshyn is not leaving to work on novels as he did before, but joined a startup game development team in California. This sounds like a man who's vision in the storyline was being undercut as they did with Joe Staten in Destiny. I have this sinking feeling we have seen the story play out before and we know the ending. Damn.

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