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Developers discuss gear and progresion


The Anthem developers discuss gear and progression in a new video:

Key points:
  • There are five rarity types: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Masterwork
  • Rarity will be limited by the player's level
  • Talents will be limited by the item's rarity
  • Players will level their pilot and javelin differently. Some abilities will be locked behind their pilot level and some behind their chosen javelin.
  • Combo's provide an additional depth to Anthem's gameplay. Combo results will vary depending on the javelin type.
  • Colossus combos will cause AoE damage, while the Ranger will cause a burst of damage to a single target. Interceptors can pick up the effects of the other Javelin's combos and spread it to enemies, and the Storm can cause chain reactions.
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