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DEATH: How Should it be Handled?

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Speculation' started by Carlo, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. Carlo


    If not for the overly aggressive huge creatures, Mobs of Scars, Shaper Storms or a host of other things out in the wilds. You know we are going to end up face down on the jungle floor. So, how do you think BioWare should deal with death. Destiny had a good mechanic with the ghost, Assassin Creed had you in machine, BioWare has the one member alive rule. With a new IP shouldn't BioWare have a unique way of returning us to the world considering we will be in a shared environment. Teleportation just before death back to Fort Tarsus is always an option. Your thoughts.
  2. Rykroft

    Rykroft Active Member

    mmm I was thinking today, maybe with an artificial probe or something similar. It bring you back to the HUB, or it resurrect you on site (it would cost more credits or wherever money you use in game).
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    • Matthew


      Whenever you die, the loading screen should be of you in a packed futuristic stadium with someone singing some kind of anthem. :laugh:
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      • Carlo


        I have been thinking about your idea and want to exspand on it. BioWare has a history with companions going down or unconscious. As long as one party member is left standing the party survives. Destiny did something similar. We have seen members of the squad teleport into a site. Exosuits are advanced tech and why wouldn't they have the ability to teleport us back to the Hub if we go down (low health but not dead).

        If the whole squad goes down we all are teleported back to the Hub. The cost to the squad is we are back at the beginning. This way if you playing by yourself you can be teleported also. The Exosuits keeps you from "dying" by monitoring your vitals signs. This way there is a plausible system for immersion. Time will tell.
      • JUNEBUG

        JUNEBUG Member

        Personally, I think you will be teleported back to the HUB in the med section via built in tech.

        I don't want to just die and respond. These days things have to have a meaning. That's what I liked about Destiny's universe.

        Especially if it's star wars like. People don't just "die"
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