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Data Loss and Website Upgrade

Hello fellow freelancers!

Last week I encountered a server issue that caused a major data loss. Fortunately, I did have a backup saved, however it was dated November 13th, 2017. As a result, any data and accounts created after November 13th, 2017 were lost. All images and avatars stored in the server were lost as well, which is why you will encounter broken images throughout the website. I took this opportunity to upgrade the website to XenForo 2.x. If you would to like to read up on the new features available in this upgrade, take a look here. On top of that, I've implemented new caching mechanism that should result in a much faster experience for everyone.

I apologize about the inconvenience this may have caused everyone, but I can assure you I have taken every step necessary to prevent this from happening again. Lets not dwell on the past, and instead look toward the very bright future of this community and the eventual release of Anthem!

- Matthew
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