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Crafting of the Javelin


Crafting of the Javelin
Each javelin is handcrafted, but by whom? Each faction in Anthem has their part to play in the world. Arcanists have one unique skill set above other factions. Handcrafting of javelins. These scientist-monks gather and research technology for humanity and as stated by BioWare “Javelins are handcrafted by the meticulous work of Arcanists, and only expert pilots can unlock the full potential of their Exosuit.” A javelin may be handed down from pilot to pilot, or generation to generation, but Arcanists craft them. They may be helpless in the wilds of Anthem, and Freelancers may be asked to rescue an Arcanist from time to time. Without them there would be no javelins, a consolation for a rescue mission.

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