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Contiguous open world that is ever-changing

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Speculation' started by Matthew, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Matthew


    A document for investors from EA shows a tiny bit of information about Anthem.

    The definition of contiguous means "sharing a common border; touching." I'm not really sure what this means in the context of the sentence. Anyone have any ideas?
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    • Carlo


      Yes I read this also and was wondering what it meant. My take is in the demo, the Ranger and Coloussus must have moved through more than one cell or instance. Like the Witcher or Destiny, no loading screens one contiguous map. I would think it would continue outside or inside, from one world space to another. The exception would be like the Tower or the Hub in Anthems case. There would be to much within the Hub/Fort Tarsus to process, that's why the Ranger took a lift to the jump platform. Like the Witcher you are always in the world of Anthem, very immersive.
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      • Matthew


        Yeah I was thinking something along that line. I hope there are no loading screens like you suggest, that would be a huge step up.
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