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What can BioWare learn/use from other games. It is not uncommon for developers to use ideas from games not their own, or ideas and assists from their own games in the development of a new game. Anthem has been compared to The Division and Destiny. I disagree with the comparisons, not to say BioWare can't learn from their mistakes. Two games that are under the EA umbrella, Mass Effect and Titanfall 2, are two examples of games with great ideas (former) and assists (latter). Mass Effect had without a doubt some of the very best characters (NPC) in a game. Their personalities were as distinct as their physical looks. Mass Effect had some of the very best writing in a game rivaling a TV series. Can Anthem learn from Mass Effect and their NPC character development. Will Praxley have the kind of personality that any of the NPC characters in Mass Effect had. Praxley's voice acting and mannerism has the potential of having a real personality. Someone who has more than four lines to repeat over and over. A character within a story, who has something to say about the storyline and deliver unique dialog to create a living world. Who can forget Mordin Solus, one of a cast of memorable characters in Mass Effect. Edmonton, you guys created Mordin Solus. Make Praxley someone. Make every NPC someone like you did in Mass Effect. Make the NPC's as dynamic as the world they live in, make them come alive.

Assists need to be deep and wide like Titanfall 2. As a Freelancer I want to have a plethora of weapons and Exosuit components to go nuts on. Like Titanfall 2 I want to make my Ranger, Colossus, Striker or other classes as badass looking as possible. Give me range that Titanfall 2 has with helmets, bandoleers, pouches, backpacks, scarves etc. The Exosuit should make me feel like some hardened Freelancer that's been in the Wilds for years and survived. Look at what Titanfall 2 gave its pilots for diversity and consider the Exosuit. The demo Exosuits look beat up with scratches and dents, with their insignias they had that combat look. Customization deep and wide. If Titanfall 2 can do it in their customization tree and they were able to learned from their predecessor, take that knowledge and apply it to Anthem. There is a similarity in the Titan and pilot of Titanfall 2 and Anthems Exosuit, lessons learned can be lessons applied.

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Well technically is compared to "insert game name" because is a co-op multiplayer/massive/wherever mmo. They tried it a few years ago with a World of Warcraft clone (SWTOR), now they are coping the style of Bungie game with a pseudo shooter game.

But even if the genre could be the same, the game will not necessarily be the same, they have a lot of very good ideas to use, and a lot of mistake made by Bungie to avoid (I already wrote those in another post).

Moreover, if they deliver a very good game, with a compelling story, deep characters and, more than anything, addictive gameplay, they could create a gold mine. No one will say that the game is "a copy of" when the final product excess their expectation. Under the perspective of a fanboy, Mass Effect could be considered a copy, because it was not the first ARPG with an over shoulder perspective, but we all know what kind of jewel they delivered.
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