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BioWare Please don't do This.

Discussion in 'General Discussion & Speculation' started by Carlo, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. Carlo


    First of all let us Explore, let the player find, hear or read about a new location. Don't spoon feed us. You show in the demo a general map marker of something. This may have been know or shown for demo purposes or both. When they found something they got XP for it without a location marker, I don't want a million markers on my HUD. Let something's be unmarked “it's just a door”, let us discover what's inside. Case in point the image below, the door to the left.

    No invisible walls, make sense “I can't go there because I don't have enough fuel or battery charge”. Don't say “that's all playable geometry” and it's not. Oh the Scars have a heavy, then let us loot it, their weapons, armor. Isn't that the time honored tradition. Don't introduce something you can't have, oh they have an electrified sword, then let use it or adopt the tech. Yes, let the world and us evolve. A Hub, have it more than a place to kick a ball around. You showed a bizarre, then fill it with life, shops, more than three NPC’s that you can interact with. Make an economy, those shards they collected they can sell use or trade. I don't want the world to be a grind fest, countless hours for some worthless item. Please don't have the giant gorilla there everytime we pass by “I've lost count how many times I've killed it” quote. Don't block locations off for the DLC, we glitch into them anyway. How about small free mini-DLC’s, armor, weapons, quests etc (ala The Witcher). Don't show us a location in a trailer that is the whole location. I can go on, so my last point is please don't be something you're not. A Shared World RPG, then be true to that, storyline, lore, interesting NPC’s, with friends or found friends. Don't be everything to everybody. Mass Effect didn't get the following it did because it was everything to everybody!
    What is your please don't do this..
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    • Matthew


      I agree with everything you've said. Exploring is critical. We have to be rewarded with exploring. It needs to give us a sense wonder, like "ooh what's that."
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      • Carlo


        "Oh what's that", is key. May I add throughout the game experience! It is essential for the long haul. Exploration + wonder = continued playability..
      • Russell Smith

        Russell Smith New Member

        If it's truly open world marking locations on my own map would be key. In case I want to check something out later.
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